Wolves of the Black Moon

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The Templar

Ordained Name: Sister Eva
True Name: Atrya Stonehelm
Serves the Diety: Zeramon the Warrior
This Diety Influences: Conquest and bloody warfare, and Wolves
Anathema: Treachery, Cowardice, and Oathbreaking, and the followers of Balashi.
This Diety is widely worshipped.
The Diety’s mysteries include: that she was walks as a mortal, and once was killed but was reborn.
The Scared order is called the Wolves of the Black Moon.
Order is set apart by ritual piercings, scarring and tattoos, and strict taboos, and ritual ablutions.
Strengths of this diety include: skilled warriors, popularity and high regard, and fortifications.
This diety and their followers are opposed by powerful enemies, riddled with madness and overzealous, and unable to compromise.
Clever: 1
Dangerous: 2
Physical: 1
Social: 0
Steady: 2
Start with 1d6 wealth, 1d6 supplies on hand, a suit of heavy armor, a backpack, and a sword, a shield, and a silver wolf pendant with Zeramon symbol etched into the border.
Sister Eva became a templar after the diety Zeramon delivered her from certain doom.
Sister Eva is wondering to complete a pilgrimage to become the highest member of the Order of the Wolves of the Black Moon.
Experienced, an instrument of wrath, vigorous, attractive, devoted, and intense.
Templar Moves:
Aegis – You get +1 Armor ongoing vs. any foe that is anathema to your deity, as does any group you lead. You can expend your aegis to negate an instance of suffering harm, but lose this move until you ritually sanctity yourself.
Bonded: You always know where your weapon is. When it’s nearby and anything less than securely bound, you can mark 1 steady or dangerous to summon it to your hand.

Short Sword (Basic no outstanding qualities)
Short Light and Round Steel Shield
Black Bastard Blade Abdua (Holy Enchanted Weapon: Made by Zeramon for Sister Eva on entering the order as the youngest child. Major Power: Dolorous: those wounded by it never recover. Burdens: Speaks aloud, judgmental, and opinionated, and Cannot be sheathed until blooded. This weapon was created because Sister Eva asked Zeramon to give her a weapon that would destroy all those who stood in her path.) (Encumbered)
Silver Wolf Pendant with Zeramon’s symbol etched into the border
Sheath for Abdua across her back to her lower hip.
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Wolves of the Black Moon

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